Innovative Controls is a privately owned company that offers an ideal place of employment in that it is a relaxed, business casual, family-oriented working environment which provides stability, competitive pay, and excellent benefits to all of its’ employees.

ICE has been in business since September of 1986 and has done so without any marketing or sales force to drive it. This should provide testament to the integrity and the quality of work that is being produced at our facility. We are always looking for loyal, hardworking, quality employees to add to our experienced, team-oriented staff that are driven to continue the success and growth that was started over twenty years ago.

Feel free to peruse the list of positions we are currently looking to fill below. Click on the title to see the job description associated with each position.

If you possess skills or qualifications that do not fit any of the above positions, but feel that you could be a valuable asset to the ICE Team or are otherwise interested in employment, feel free to submit your résumé below for our review. You can also submit your information by mail or fax, but please include the best method of contact.

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If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please submit your résumé online along with any other notes of consideration and we will contact you at our nearest convenience.

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